Tracking external dependencies (issues & PRs)


I work on the enarx open source project, and we often have external dependencies on other open source projects (outside of our organization/repositories). Is there a way to “track” the status of an external issue or pull request and have that status reflected in our board?

Alternatively, is there a way to manually import one-off issues or PRs on other repositories and have them show up on our board (and preferably be able to identify them as dependencies for our own issues)?

Thank You!

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If you have write permission to the repo, you can set a dependency, but it is more of a “flag” than a “track” I would say. You could add that repo to your workspace and use a “Blocked” pipelines to really visualize it.
And since your ZenHub workspace is build from repositories in GitHub, there isn’t a way to pull just one issue over from another repositories, we bring the entire thing! You could use a filtered workspace to only see the issues that matter to you, which could help?

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So the external dependency (or should I say external blocking PR) is in an external repository in another GitHub organization (where we are neither members nor have write access). Is there a way for us to represent this relationship and for it block our issue until the PR gets merged?