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Ability to see PR's attached to Github Issues on label filtered workspaces

I have a bunch of workspaces set up with labels to filter by team/project/etc. It is sad/annoying that to see attached PR’s to the issues, the developers would have to ALSO label the PR.

It seems like if the PR is attached to the issue, regardless of the PR’s label, I’d like an option to see it on the filtered board attached to its parent labelled issue.

Hopefully that made sense, if not, let me know!

Hey Shawn! :wave:t2:

This is great feedback. I really appreciate the insight and this is an awesome suggestion. The context as to why the behaviour is such today, is that the PR also has its own unique GitHub issue number. So it behaves like an issue in ZenHub’s eyes. Hence without the label they down show up. That said, doing the quick math on the teams behalf to have connected PR’s appear, makes total sense. What I’m going to do is submit this to our Product team on your behalf. If you have any other feedback/questions we’d love to hear from you :slight_smile: