Making PRs more visible


At the moment, the fact that a PR is linked to a ticket just ends up buried in the activity log of that ticket. It would be really useful if PRs linked to a particular ticket were more visible (eg. on the right hand side, or along the top).

Note that we do use filtered workspaces, and we don’t label up the PRs as well, so we may also be affected by this: Ability to see PR's attached to Github Issues on label filtered workspaces



Hi Dan!

While this isn’t functionality you’ll find in the ZenHub webapp (yet), you can achieve the pull request connection visibility that you are looking for via the browser extension.

To do this, use the GitHub keywords to connect your Pull Request to your Issue. Then you will be able to see the connected Pull Request listed in the meta data on the right-side of your Issue like this:

Hope this helps!


Hi - thanks for the message. We actually avoid using github keywords to be honest - we’ve accidentally closed tickets prematurely too many times. It’s quite frequent for us to have multiple (small) PRs against a single ticket. A “first class” option would be beneficial for us.

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