Programatically detecting whether a PR has been connected to a Zenhub issue

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a process where I detect whether a PR on Github has been connected to an issue using the Zenhub extension for Chrome. I want to do it programmatically (I’m a developer).

I can see the event where a PR was connected to an issue on the PR itself when viewing via github in the browser. Something like:

  • Kent connected this pull request to [2 hours ago]

But I don’t know how to programatically query for the existence of this connection.

I’ve tried the github API to query the events on the pull request, but the Zenhub event isn’t returned by the API. I assume the Zenhub extension for chrome is injecting the html to show this in the Github UI?

Looking at the Zenhub API there doesn’t seem to be a way to query that either.

Is there any way I can programmatically determine whether a given Github PR has an existing Zenhub issue connected?

Thanks for your help!