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Connect issue button confusion


When raising a PR, there’s a “Connect issue” button. The issues it searches seems to be filtered by whatever board you have currently selected in your last ZenHub app view. This was really confusing, as I’d temporarily been looking at another team’s board. It would make more sense to me if the Connect Issue dialog searched all issues, or at least made it obvious where it was looking (and gave me an option to change). Even typing the ticket number didn’t help!


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Hey Dan, this is a great shout out. The “Connect issue” dropdown could definitely do more to explain which issues are being displayed.

One pro tip I have for you while using the extension is this:

When you have the extension installed and you are browsing a repository, you are still technically operating within a ZenHub workspace (which workspace you are in is shown by the workspace switcher button at the top of the page next to the organization and repository).

The issues listed and searchable by the “Connect issue” button are the open issues in your currently selected workspace (which could be 1 or more repositories). I believe we also do some text matching between the pull request and workspace issues to bring the most relevant issues to the top of the list.

The extension doesn’t do a good job of explaining this itself, so I agree that we can do more here to make this more clear. I’ll take this feedback to the team.


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Ah! OK, that makes sense. I’d never even noticed the workspace selector at the top. Maybe if the button said “Connect issue in Web Workspace” in your example, it might be clearer? (Perhaps with a tooltip/icon pointing towards the workspace selector at the top).


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