Zenhub is bugging out

Last week or so we have been having quite a few issues that are making Zenhub unusable. A lot of time issues are just not showing up and switching workspaces looks like it randomly keeps the state from the workspace you switched from. But the most annoying one is not being able to create an issue the screen goes completely blank.

here is a video of what is happening :rage:

PS. Please make it so users can report issues within the app.

Hi there!

Thanks for reporting the issue. The team is aware of this problem and we’re working on a fix right now. In the meantime, you should be able to fix it for your team this by removing the workspace label filter from your workspace. To do this – click on “Edit Workspace” from the main sidebar, and then remove the label you have set under “Filter workspace by label(s)”. Let us know if your issue persists after doing that.

Hi! Thanks for the response. I won’t be able to do the workaround you suggest I have many teams working on the same repository and we need the filtering for all the different workspaces and change management is just a pain. We can work through it as is, is just not optimal.


I understand. Can you try to remove the workspace filter label, save the workspace, then re-add the workspace filter label again? That might fix the issue you’re seeing as well.

I will try that. Thanks