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Zapier Automations

Hi all,

I just got off an onboarding call with @Amy.from.ZenHub and discovered some missing features in the product that I need to work around in order to get ZenHub working for my multi-disiplinary team.

One of the take aways was in order for me to use workspace filters affectively I would need a way of automatically assigning labels to issues. Essentially adding them to the workspace view or filtering them out. Unfortunately ZenHub does not have this functionality, so after Amy pointed me to the ZenHub API I saw I had 4 web-hook events I can lift off of ZenHub and use these in zapier to create some basic PM rules.

Heres roughly what it looks like:

(removed media)

and the first path:

(removed media)

Something worth noting is that this uses Zap Paths which is just a conveniant way of managing the logic of all 4 event types in one Zap. But if you didn’t have the Paths function you could just make 4 zaps with filters on them based on the event type.

Obviously this will get more complicated as I ad new labels/workspaces.

But for now this does what I need and bandaids the lack of Label assignment rules in Zenhub until it can be incorporated as a native feature.

For anyone wondering why I need this - TLDR I don’t want to have to teach everyone how to use everything in ZenHub/Github. The Devs will get it but other stakeholders should just have to concern themselves with restricted/constrained views.

Hope this helps some others :slight_smile:

WTF is there a reason I can’t post images AND links here???


*AND Wait you also can’t edit your posts???

Why would you setup discourse like this? It’s just frustrating and makes me not want to use it.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your insights there! Super useful points.

Regarding being able to post links and images, this is allowed once you move up one trust level to “Participant”. There’s more information on how to move up trust levels here in our FAQ. We’ve configured it this way to prevent spam posts and keep our community a safe space.

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Oh yep makes sense.

Refering to tha FAQ in the error message would have been super helpful/less gas lighting.

Regarding editing - the only thing I see when I click the 3 dots is the trash can.

Hey @agentlewis, welcome to the community. One possible solution to label assignment that I haven’t seen mentioned yet is GitHub Issue Templates. These can be set up on a per-repo basis and can be configured to have labels assigned automatically. You can’t force people to use them because the “None” option is always available, but this could be something close to what you’re looking for. I’ve included a screenshot below of what it looks like when creating a new issue in the ZenHub web app.

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 4.52.42 PM


Oh yes that is definetly an alternative solution.

I’ll likely use this in combination with the zap automator (just finished debugging it)

Unfortunately I can’t share the zap as a recipe as it uses Paths and Code steps which you can’t share…

I’ll make a video of it and post it here at a later date.


Using issue templates would also be more useful once GH moves their Form Templates feature out of the beta restriction limiting them to only public repos (a non-starter for my team).

This does make me think more about pipeline automation options which I’ve found myself reaching for and would find useful, namely - Workflows based on label & repo filters. E.g. “I want all new issues labelled with bug to be moved directly to my ‘Inbox’ pipeline AND I want all new issues labelled with feature request to be moved directly to my ‘Feature Request’ pipelin.”, “I want all new PRs in the ‘documentation’ repo to be moved to my workspace’s ‘In Progress’ pipeline.”, "