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Features for efficient issue management

I have some ideas for efficient issue management and want to know what you think about these…

  • Filter boards based om labels
    Today you can filter boards using several labels, but combined by AND.
    It would be useful to also have several labels combined by OR

  • Labels sorting
    Have you noticed that labels are sorted differently in GitHub vs ZenHub, and ZenHub also has various way of sorting?
    As we try to bring order in our Labels we given them different prefixes to kind of force them into a certain order. When using none alphabetical characters the sorting varies across ZenHub, it should be really good with a consistent sorting.

  • Label groups
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have groups of labels, like Priority, Type, Severity etc.
    Then these label groups could show up as drop down.
    If labels group hade an attribute as exclusive or multi you can control if setting one label would unset other in the same group etc.

  • Pipeline automation
    Wouldn’t it be good if you move an issue to a pipeline that it could trigger to assigned or unassign a label?
    Or if you assign a label, that the issue where to be moved to a certain pipeline.

  • New Board 2 degrade functionality relative the “closed pipeline”.
    They removed the select all feature for some reason, that cause us roughly 1 hour of work every sprint.
    The close Pipeline do not respect the board filters, if the board is set to only include issues with a specific label, the n the “closed” pipeline show all issues, independent of labels? What is the thinking about that?

This was just a few nagging features we want, I will probably come back with more…