Filtering by Github issue label


Has anyone here had the problem whereby if a label was added/removed to/from a Github issue VIA Github REST API, the labels list will display correctly within the issue itself, however when viewing issues through the Zenhub board the label that should have been removed is still there or the label that should have been added is not there? It happens on <10% of issues that have had the label change made to them.

I am removing a label from approx 1200 issues via Github REST API. The label outlines an Environment an issue is linked to. When the job is complete, I go to the Zenhub board and filter by the label I have just removed from every issue. But, it tells me 49 issues still have the label. When I click on a filtered
issue and open it, the label is NOT listed within the labels list of the opened issue. Also when I filter for that label under the Github issues tab, it tells me no issues match my search. Please see the two screenshot attachments. One shows the label filtered on the Zenhub board, the other shows the label filtered under the Issues tab in Github.

So it appears the labels that have been removed still display and filter for some issues in the Zenhub board only. No amount of changing browsers, login accounts or logging directly into Zenhub seems to make a difference. I cant find any reasoning for it and its proving quite a pain as my team at large then use the Zenhub board to filter issues by label that are applicable to them.

Hoping you can help in some way.