The endpoint for ZenHub board returns wrong results

Hey, I am using the ZenHub API based on the documentation from GitHub’s ZenHubIO/API repository, and I noticed that the endpoint named “Get a ZenHub Board for a repository” returns wrong results.
I have a workspace that has a label filtering configured, but when I try to retrieve all issues for the board, it shows me all issues for the repository, i.e. it does not take the label filter into account, although it works fine when I use it in ZenHub UI. (I have around 700 issues in the repository and around 20 bug-labeled issues, and the “Bugs” workspace returns me 700 issues, not 20).

Hey Mateusz,

The REST API does not do any filtering, the new GraphQL API supports filtering and should allow you to return issues in the workspace while respecting the filters.

Here is a link to the developer site for the GraphQL API.

Thanks for help, Joseph.
I refactored it to use GraphQL and it works.

Anyway, the original issue is still in place and I think it’s counter-intuitive, because if I see the issues filtered in a workspace by defined label, it should also be the case for the API, but the API ignores it and returns all issues. It’s not what I would expect - to have a different set of issues than the ones I see in the UI when I choose a specific workspace.

Thanks for the feedback Mateusz, glad to hear it is working with the GraphQL API.