Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Zenhub Community?

The Zenhub Community is a space to connect with people from around the world who are passionate about learning, career development, and networking opportunities related to product development and project management.

Through conversations in the Zenhub Community, you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and gain recognition amongst your peers, learn how other teams are solving challenges similar to ones your business faces, and discover how other teams are maximizing Zenhub in their organizations.

Anyone in software technology, product, and project management, regardless of being a Zenhub user or not, can join in on the Community conversation.

How do I join the community?

Joining the Zenhub Community is simple! It’s hosted on Discourse and you can sign up for an account in less than 30 seconds here.

What’s happening to the existing Zenhub Users Slack Group?

We won’t be doing away with our Zenhub Users Slack Group immediately, but we do plan on fully transitioning over to the new Zenhub Community in Discourse in the short term. The new Zenhub Community is the next iteration in our commitment to building a community.

Our team will be spending more time interacting with the new Community – plus, we have some great rewards set up for participating there! We recommend you sign up for our new Zenhub Community as soon as possible to ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date information on Zenhub, access to meaningful conversations and exclusive content, and taking full advantage of the networking opportunities.

Can I join if I’m not currently using Zenhub?

Have a question you want to run by peers in your field? The Zenhub Community is the perfect spot!

If your question is about agile processes and product management, from the main Community page, click into the Agile Process Q&A category. Then, click the ‘+ New Topic’ to start a new thread with your question!

If your question is in regards to Zenhub as a product, you can ask your question in the Zenhub Product Q&A category. Just click in, and press the ‘+ New Topic’ button to start a new thread.

How do I know if I should ask a question in the Zenhub Community or send in an email to support?

The Zenhub Product Q&A category is a dedicated space for asking questions about Zenhub’s features, how other teams are leveraging the product in their organization, and more!

However, if something in the Zenhub app isn’t working correctly, you need help with billing, or require any type of more personalized help, please contact our Customer Success team for a more timely and tailored response.

How do I start a discussion?

To start a discussion in the Zenhub Community, the first step is to identify the correct Category for it to live under. You can choose from General Discussion, Agile Process Q&A, or Zenhub Product Q&A.

Once you decide on a category, click into the category then press the ‘+ New Topic’ and type your discussion starter.

Need inspiration or are unsure of which category to put your discussion under? Take a quick cruise through the other threads and get some inspiration from your peers!

How do I move up trust levels in the community?

As you participate in the community, you’ll climb the ranks of trust levels. This allows you to unlock new actions in the Community and earn cool swag!

Here’s a general idea of how to move up through each of our trust levels:

  1. New User: This is the default setting, so you’ll be a new user right when you sign up for the community
  2. Participant: Enter a few different topics, and read 10 posts
  3. Contributor: Visit the community 10 times, give and receive likes, and reply to topics
  4. Leader: Read 25 posts, give and receive many likes, and be a member for at least 100 days

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Creating a safe, welcoming, and fun hub for networking and learning is our top priority with the Zenhub Community. We outline all of our guidelines for interacting in the community in our Code of Conduct.

If you believe someone isn’t abiding by the Code of Conduct, click the ‘Flag’ button, and a member of our team will review the post and take the necessary action.