Code of Conduct

ZenHub Community Code of Conduct

Our Mission:

At ZenHub we strive to create a thriving community that can welcome new ideas in a complex field, help each other improve, and foster collaboration between groups with different needs, interests and skills. We gain strength from diversity, and actively seek participation from those who enhance it.

This code of conduct exists to ensure that diverse individuals and groups collaborate to mutual advantage and enjoyment. We will challenge prejudice that could jeopardize participation. We expect the code of conduct to be honoured by everyone who chooses to take part in this community, officially or informally.

Our Standards:

  • Be considerate: individuals participating in this community come from a varying degree of backgrounds, skill sets, and familiarity with both ZenHub and agile project management. We want to ensure that everyone feels empowered to contribute, ask questions, and provide ideas and feedback.

  • Be respectful: disagreement is no excuse for poor manners. We work together to resolve conflict, assume good intentions, and do our best to act in an empathic fashion. We don’t allow frustration to turn into a personal attack. A community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one.

  • Be collaborative: the best answers are often arrived at as a result of working together and learning from each other. Our community is a place where individuals and teams come to learn, and we encourage our members to share their unique perspectives, ideas, and feedback with each other.

Enforcing the Code of Conduct:

Instances of abuse, harassment, or otherwise unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. If you feel that you or another member of the community have been the subject of behaviour that violates our community code of conduct, you can report this behaviour by contacting the ZenHub team at

ZenHub will maintain confidentiality with regards to complaints, and will aim to investigate all instances in a fair and timely manner. Violations of our community code of conduct will be dealt with in a manner that is deemed necessary and may include permanent bans or removal from the community.


This Community Code of Conduct was adapted from the Ubuntu Code of Conduct (licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license). You may re-use it for your own project or community, and modify it as you wish, just please allow others to use your modifications and give credit to ZenHub!