Workspace issues not importing from repositories


I just signed up for a trial and have created my first workspace. I connected it to 2 repos in Github. Awesome.

One of the repos has 20+ issues already created, however I only see the 2 closed issues on the board.

How do I import the rest of them? Am I missing a step?

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Hey @Nextrics, welcome aboard!

If you’ve already connected the repos, then all of the issues within those repos should be showing up by default. You might have a filter turned on at the top of the board that’s only showing particular issues?

If that’s not the case, feel free to pop a ticket to us at so we can get you set up!

Hey @Nextrics,

So glad to hear you like Zenhub so far! I see Graeme has reached out to help you populate your issues on the board. We’re always here to help. The Community is a great resource!

Just in case you haven’t come across it yet, I also wanted to send over a link to our Resources page. It has tons of blogs, eBooks, help articles, etc. that we’ve created to help folks get the most out of Zenhub and the trial. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for any best practices or additional insights on using Zenhub!

Welcome to Zenhub. We’re happy to have you here! :smiley:

Thanks guys!

I don’t see any active filters or anything selected, so maybe something just hiccuped when setting things up.

I’ve sent an email to support so hopefully we can continue from there. I’ll report back once it’s resolved.
Thank you!

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Figured it out with the help of my team.

I had to import from Project, rather than repository. I then had an option within the modal to import all existing issues.

I completely did this backwards initially and had imported from repository.