Zenhub chrome extension doesn't show link issue for now

Since today afternoon, we found that we could not associate the zenhub issue in the github pull request page with the zenhub chrome extension. All members of the team are experiencing this situation, which has blocked our workflow, please help us to fix it!

I don’t think the extension is working at all. Those on my team who use the Chrome extension can’t see pipelines, estimates, etc.

Side note: Where can we look for status updates now that Twitter is :skull_and_crossbones:?

Scratch that… The board loads fine in Github, we’re just not seeing any of the Zenhub UI on issues themselves.

The browser extension isn’t working for any of the members of our team either since a day or two ago. We’re needing to use the ZenHub web app to connect issues to PRs for now.

Hey all!

Sorry for the trouble with the extension.

Just want to give you an update with the extension. As some of you have pointed out, the Zenhub UI isn’t appearing within GitHub issues when specifically using the chrome extension.

We have a fix awaiting approval for the chrome store. In the meantime you can continue to use the Zenhub board from within the extension, or directly in the webapp. We’ll update this thread as soon as it’s ready!

Apologies for any interruption this has caused.


When we can fix it ? :joy:

@mike_zheng It looks like the Chrome store have approved the fix.
Can you refresh your browser and let us know if the Zenhub UI is appearing for you?

Fixed it for us! Thanks.