Zenhub Issues is here! Save on licensing costs, improve security, and more

Hey Community!

A couple of days ago, I hinted that something big was coming to Zenhub. Well, that day has come, and Zenhub Issues is now live! For full details, check out our Product Hunt page.

But for a bit of background, here’s why a couple of reasons that I love Zenhub issues:

  • First off, as a non-developer myself, it’s great to finally use Zenhub without having to connect to GitHub. Non-technical folks like myself and external stakeholders can now access and use Zenhub without paying for a GitHub license.
  • You can now improve your security by restricting source code access with permissions.

Be sure to check out our Product Hunt page to leave your feedback and recommendations!

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Congratulations to you and the team for getting this out. It’s a great step forward.

I tested this out with a couple of users from our first line support, thinking it would be a great way for them to open bug reports for us, without having access to GitHub.

While it had some promise, one considerable blocker for us is the lack of comment functionality. That makes it incredibly hard to get good, reliable information and feedback at times. Shifting the communication back to another tool. At which point, they will just return to sending us tickets in their support tool, splitting it all away again.

I’m sure you have many more features planned for Zenhub Issues, and I’m excited to see where it goes!

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Apologies! Apparently we had a breakdown in the integration that’s supposed to notify Zenhub team members about community posts. That’s now fixed.

Zenhub Issue Comments - SOON! VERY SOON!

Watch this space!

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Hi Gray! We’ve got great news. Comments functionality for Zenhub Issues and Epics just launched today. Give it a spin :slight_smile: lot more updates to come.

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Thanks for letting me know, that’s great news! I’ll test it out with some of our team, but it looks great.

Good job and thanks to all involved :slight_smile:

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