You can now convert Zenhub Issues into GitHub issues! Here's why and how

Hi Community!

The Zenhub Issues updates have been coming in fast and furious! We’re excited to announce that you can now convert your Zenhub Issues into GitHub issues! Accidentally made a Zenhub Issue instead of a GitHub issue? No worries, with a click of a button, you can convert it over (just make sure to connect to GitHub first!).

Here are some use cases that I’ll be using this new feature for:

:handshake: Non-technical team members working in Zenhub only can create and collaborate on Zenhub issues and pass them off to technical teams once they’re ready for development
:gear: Issues that might seem non-technical at first, but later need some technical assistance
:eyes: Issues that need an increase in visibility across more teams

Here’s how to convert your Zenhub issues:

ConvertZhIssue to GitHub issue

See our changelog for more details.