Converting Github issue to Zenhub issue

Is there a way to convert existing Github issues in Zenhub to Zenhub issues?

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Nice name / avatar!

Today, there isn’t in the app. We are currently looking into the opposite (converting Zenhub Issues into GitHub Issues).

Are you looking to convert individual issues? Issues in bulk?

Let us know…

Thanks! haha

The design team was working out of Github for their issues. Now we want to take those and convert them to Zenhub so they’re not creating issues in the repo. We don’t have a huge amount so we can deal with it.

As far as converting Zenhub issue into Github issues, where does that stand?

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Hi Jenna,

I see you asked for an update on converting Zenhub Issues into GitHub Issues, and I’m happy to report that we’ve just released that capability in Zenhub!

Check out the Changelog entry for details!

Jess :slight_smile: