What happened here guys? Free trial expired

I was surprised a huge and unexpected paywall.

Even though I signed up to Zenhub via Github marketplace where it stated it was free for personal use and not subject to a free trial.

ZenHub is free for personal and open source projects

Work inside GitHub with the ZenHub browser extension
Access the ZenHub web app from anywhere
Roadmaps, Epics, Estimates, and Reporting Suite
Multi-repo and cross-org support, API access, and Slack integration
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Agreed, if I had known this would happen I def would’ve never started using the platform. The lack of warning is frustrating to say the least…

It’s unfortunate because my project is personal. No revenue now or expected in the future. Good thing I have everything in github and I didn’t lock my data into a platform.

I might just stick with github for the time being or move to something self-hosted like taiga.

I will miss Zenhub UI though.

I feel the lack of warning was just an oversight from their side. Probably they didn’t realize they had small hobby/personal projects onboarded from github marketplace.

But they are not owning the situation. It is really concerning that nobody from the team has replied to this public forum post in the last 9 days. The lack of support is concerning to say the least.

Hi there!

First off apologies for the lack of a reply.

Our team wasn’t getting notifications for user community posts. We’ve fixed that now.

These kinds of situations can usually be cleared up by using the official support process, just send an email to support@zenhub.com with your organization details and we’ll tell the support team to keep an eye out for your request so we can get you back up and running with your project!

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Hi Graeme,

Does that mean I could continue using Zenhub for free for personal projects?

I don’t have an organization on github. Just personal(not for profit) private repos.