I need admin access to control users

I’m accessing zenhub via github louking (Lou King) · GitHub and have been very happy using zenhub for free.

A couple of days ago I started getting a message that “Your unlimited license Zenhub trial ends in xx days.”

I checked my account and there are a couple of people on my account that I don’t know. I don’t see any way to remove them. I searched for this on the community and found Number of users.

It seems I need to be promoted to admin to remove users I don’t know from my team. How do I make this happen?

Another issue/question which this provokes is that I thought Pricing & Plans | Zenhub indicates that open source use gets unlimited team workspaces for free. So I don’t know why I’m being challenged, even tho I have these spam accounts on my account.

I did add a collaborator to one of my github repos the other day (not either of the two circled), but I don’t know if this is related.

Is there anyone reading this site who can give me admin priv? Before posting here I tried a zenhub support ticket. No response there either. Maybe @Joseph.from.Zenhub?

Hi Lou!

Graeme here from support. More than happy to help!

We sent a reply on Friday, but it may have gone to your spam folder?

I’ve just bumped the thread again, but if you don’t see it, let me know, and I can kick off a new ticket on your behalf since we’ll need your details to investigate further!


Somehow your response from Friday wasn’t my spam or trash. (just searched in gmail for zenhub in:all and graeme in:all without finding it). No worries, I see your response now and we’ll take it from there.

I received the email from Graeme, and resonded, but I’ve heard nothing since. Is he sending me emails which I’m not receiving? I checked spam and my email forwarder. I think I’ve set the email forwarder to whitelist zenhub.com email addresses, but in any case nothing has been held up from the forwarder since Mar 3 (the original lost email).

In any case, I’m hoping this can get taken care of soon, before the zenhub board disappears from all my github repos.