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ZenHub access and licences

Hello. Can anyone help me with an issue I’m having assigning licenses in ZenHub. The users are registered in GitHub but do not show up in ZenHub when I try ‘invite your team’.


Hi! Can you please confirm that the users that you are trying to invite are members of the GitHub organization associated with your ZenHub workspace?

Hi Cam, thanks for the reply.
Yes, I have added them to our GitHub organization so they should show up in the various workspaces.
Could you perhaps let me know the process steps to make sure I have thought of everything?
I have not had issues before.


There can sometimes be a delay between adding a user to your GitHub organization and ZenHub seeing those users. How long ago were they added to your GitHub org?

One thing you could try is to click the “Invite your team” button and copy the invite link that’s generated. Then send that link directly to the people that you want to join your ZenHub workspace.

Hope that helps!

Thanks again,

It’s been quite a few days since adding them to GitHub!
I’ll try sending the link, but it’s strange that I’m having issues all of a sudden.