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My team is collaborating with many other teams. All teams share a GitHub organization. Only my team wants to use ZenHub. If we go with a paid ZenHub plan, will we be charged for every member of the organization or can we restrict the plan to a smaller, well-defined set of users?

Hey hannes-ucsc,

You will only be charged for team members who are in your Zenhub organization and have been assigned a license. This allows you to only have your smaller working team as part of your Zenhub organization to start and then in the future you can invite additional users.

Thank you for the prompt response. I think we may be misunderstanding each other.

When I try to purchase licenses for my team, I get this

which seems to indicate that ZenHub organisation and GitHub organisation are essentially the same concept and that one has to pay for all members in a GitHub org in order to use ZenHub.

Hey Hannes-ucsc,

Thanks for sharing the screenshot above, Zenhub bases the number of licenses required to purchase on the number of users in your Zenhub organization. If you take a look at the ‘users’ page in the sidebar, you should be able to see all the users in your Zenhub organization. If you do not want to purchase 100 licenses, you can remove users from the organization and then you will be able to purchase fewer licenses. From there, you can always add those users back at a later time and purchase additional licenses for them.

Hopefully this helps!

I’m not seeing any options to remove users on that page:

I am an owner of the underlying GitHub org.

Hey Hannes-ucsc,

Taking a look at the screenshot you shared, I do not think that you are an admin of the Zenhub Organization. The Github Org and Zenhub Org are two different entities, from a quick look at our backend it looks like your organization currently doesn’t have any admins.

Can you share your email or Github handle so that we can take a look at your account and promote you to admin? If you don’t want to share this information publicly in the thread, feel free to send it to mentioning this thread.

Thank you for looking into this. I am

on GitHub. Could you also please include

in this. He is my project manager.

Oh wait, our GH org membership is private. That’s why the links don’t render properly in my previous post.

I am hannes-ucsc and my PM is theathorn.

Hey Hannes-ucsc,

We’ve promoted yourself and theathorn to admins for the DataBioshphere Zenhub Org. If you take a look at the users page now you should be able to add/remove users.

I was able to remove users from the ZenHub organisation as advised. Thank you!

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