NEW: GitHub Issue Visibility for non-GitHub users

Collaboration in Zenhub just got an upgrade! :partying_face:

Non-GitHub users no longer have FOMO when it comes to Issue visibility – GitHub Issues are now fully visible to users who do not have GitHub accounts.

What could this mean for your team?
:white_check_mark: First of all, it means easier collaboration with non-technical team members (think leaders, designers, marketers, etc.) because they’ll be able to get an accurate view of the progress your dev team is making in GitHub…without GitHub.
:white_check_mark: Since many of your teammates will no longer need a GitHub account to view Issues, you can cut down on the number of paid GitHub licenses your team requires, saving you money. :money_mouth_face:
:white_check_mark: Lastly, it enhances privacy – code-related information in the GitHub Issue will remain protected, but collaborators without a GitHub account can now edit Zenhub metadata (like Issue status and pipeline) on the board.

And don’t worry… only admins can enable this feature, so you can closely safeguard who has access to GitHub issues.

Have some thoughts or questions about this feature? Let us know in the comments!