ZenHub Issue visibility

To date my org has been using ZenHub exclusively to manage development related to public GitHub repos. Due to some announcements today I started taking notice of “ZenHub Issues” for the first time, and I feel like I have a newbie question but I’ve not yet found a clear answer in the docs.

Since we work only with public GitHub repos, I’ve grown accustomed to knowing all of our GitHub Issues are effectively out in the open for anyone to see,. i.e., people outside our org. But since ZenHub Issues are tied to our Workspace and our Workspace has a defined set of Users, does that mean that we can assume the ZenHub Issues will only be visible to those defined ZenHub Users?


Hi @philrz and great question!

You’re correct in thinking that Zenhub Issues are scoped to a workspace. They won’t be visible to anybody outside of your organization. Workspaces are currently accessible across all organization members, so everybody should have access. If you want to collaborate on ZH issues across workspaces, you’re also able to import one workspace Zenhub issues into another via “Add issue sources” section on the Edit workspace page.

When bringing in Zenhub issues from other workspaces, they will behave in the same way as GitHub issues on the board, eg: you can setup automation via Workflows and you’ll be able to toggle these issues on / off via the repository filters.

More info can be found here

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