Zenhub team access control

Hello good people!
This is Rahul from Bangladesh. I am currently working as Assoc. Product Manager at a startup company. I am 4 months old in this line of work and I have been assigned with the task of introducing a PM tool that will be used across three teams for better tracking and collaboration. After trying 2/3 related products, I have found Zenhub as the most convenient, easy to use & “purpose serving for a small team” tool. But, while giving trial runs on the product, I am facing issues with providing access controls to other account holders. My use case is:

  • I have opened three github accounts using three separate gmail IDs [PM, Designer, Developer] for role playing trial run
  • As a PM, I have created two projects using two separate github repos, made a list of epics and issues.
  • Now, I want to assign some issues to the developer and other to the designer from each of the projects. Also, I want to see the work in progress of the team.
    It is at the third action that I am facing issues with assigning. Requesting the community to help me by giving probable solutions and guidance on how to pull this off.
    Thank you!
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Hi @RahulB! Welcome to our community :grinning:

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