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Board 2.0. is out of Beta!

Hey ZenHub Community!

I’m excited to announce that as of today our Board 2.0. is officially out of Beta and Generally Available to all ZenHub users. This has been an exciting journey for us at ZenHub, as it was the first major rebuild and overhaul of our Board from the ground up. From the product side this an important initiative for myself and the broader team at ZenHub to drive forward a new experience for our users.

With today’s announcement we’ve also added a few more features to Board 2.0. that were highly requested from our users. We’ve added the following features:

Board View Options

  • Toggle Show Pull Requests
  • Toggle Show Open Issues

Issue Card View Options

  • Toggle Show Estimates on Issues
  • Toggle Show Dependencies on Issues
  • Toggle Show Repos on Issues
  • Toggle Show Sprints on Issues
  • Toggle Show Epics on Issues
  • Toggle Show Releases on Issues
  • Toggle Show PR Reviewers on Issues
  • If you’ve switched to using Condensed View, some of the data point toggles are not available with Condensed View enabled.

All the above features are accessible through Board Settings in Board 2.0.

As part of our continued efforts with Board 2.0. I will be hosting a live Q&A drop-in session in the coming months for the ZenHub community to come share their thoughts, ask questions and tell me a bit more about how they use the Board, stay tuned!

If you’d like to catch up on our Board 2.0. journey or some other features, feel free to take a look at these previous posts:

I’d like to end this post with a quick thank you to all our users who have been part of our Board 2.0. journey, your feedback and support has been invaluable in this process. If you aren’t currently using Board 2.0. or haven’t used it in a little while I’d encourage you to opt back in and experience the new features we’ve added.


This is great, @Joseph.from.ZenHub! Can’t wait for your Community Drop-In chat :grinning:

Any thoughts on when pipeline sorting will be added back in for 2.0? Always found that very helpful :slight_smile:

Hey Sebmono,

We’re currently evaluating bringing Pipeline Sorting into Board 2.0 and hope to share an update soon. Thanks for letting us know how helpful the feature is for you.

@Joseph.from.ZenHub sounds good! Just to add some color to the ask - I don’t necessarily think Pipeline Sorting itself is the best/most necessary way to address my need, the core problem I’m trying to solve for is “I need a way to organize my board in a time-based way”.

I think time-based filters is actually the ideal, but I haven’t seen that functionality yet anywhere so I’m just knee-jerk reaching for pipeline sorting. If instead I could answer questions like:

  • Show me all issues closed in the last 2 weeks.
  • Show me all issues created in the last 30 days.
  • Show me all issues with activity in the last 24 hours.

When I was first looking into Release Reports I thought they’d be able to do something like that (e.g. automatically create a Release Report at the end of each 2-week Sprint and include issues Closed during that time, which also had label X or Y, and was in repo Z), but still find myself looking for a time-based method of organizing my boards.