Board 2.0: Pipeline Sorting and Default Experience

Hey ZenHub Community!

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared an update on Board 2.0 so I wanted to use this post to provide a quick update as we enter the final few releases for Board 2.0.

We will be rolling out Pipeline Sorting this week. This was a much loved feature from the old board that we’ve brought to Board 2.0 with a few improvements. This feature allows you to sort tickets within your pipeline using a set of pre-defined criteria such as Sort by Newest or Sort by Oldest.

Aside from features, Board 2.0 will also take a big leap this week by becoming the default board experience for all ZenHub users. This means when you load your workspace, by default the board will be set to Board 2.0. Additionally, we are looking to deprecate Board 1.0 closer to the end of the month and have Board 2.0 as the only ZenHub Board.

I’d like to thank everyone again for all of their feedback around Board 2.0, it has been a tremendous help for the team as we’ve planned and delivered the new board.