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ZenHub Board 2.0 Beta

The ZenHub Board is the most used feature on our platform, and we’re excited to bring our users an early sneak peak at where we are going. We’ve launched a Beta of our new Board 2.0 and would love our community users to give it a try.

The board has been rebuilt with a focus on performance and helping teams work more efficiently. If you’d like to learn a bit more about our Board 2.0, take a look at our Blog Post.

Looking forward to the communities feedback on our new board and the discussion in the thread below!


I’ve been using the new board this week, and I really appreciate how snappy it is! :fire:

Tried it out on one of my boards.

Drag and Drop is much better! Also appreciate collapsing labels/story points onto the bottom row of the card.

I think I hit a bug where dragging the top story in a pipeline to some other spot within the same pipeline, then dragging it back to the top-most spot made it disappear (until a refresh)

Another thing I noticed was collapsed pipelines no longer show an issue count until you expand them, then collapse them again. I realize showing the issue count probably takes a query and affects performance, but it was nice for at least one use case I had: A “New Issues” pipeline that I generally keep collapsed that catches issues people create and maybe don’t know where to put, and I could spot that through the issue count.

Looking forward to the rollout of the multi-select and board settings before I dive all the way in on the larger boards, thanks and congrats on your 2.0 so far, looks like a step in the right direction!


Thanks Shawn. That’s really great feedback.

thanks for the awesome information.