Board 2.0 just keeps getting better! Wide cards!

Just hit that Expand pipeline option!


Personally, I love using the expand pipeline option! Our issues are usually pretty bulky, so that extra space for added context makes all the difference. :raised_hands:

Just curious, will Board 2.0 eventually be expandable to show multiple columns of cards the way 1.x does, or is it meant to be a single column at all times?


Single column is the new way. I used to use the multiple columns of cards with the old board but with the new wide card view, I’ve found I can get just about the same number of issues on my screen, easier to drag and drop into just the right position too…


I can’t get anywhere near the same number of issues on screen with the wide card view. It just doesn’t shrink up that much vertically. In the 1.x board, I keep one pipeline at 5 cards across, so I can see approximately 30 cards at once (5 columns by 6 rows). In the new 2.0 view, I can see 11 cards (1 column by 11 rows). That’s a serious reduction in card visibility. Please bring this multi-column feature back in 2.0!


Same for us. The wide cards make our boards much harder to navigate. When I expand the pipeline, I want to see more cards, not more of the same cards.


Here’s what I had in mind when I posted. Here’s a board with multiple columns of cards in a pipeline:

Here’s the new wide view, with condensed mode turned on:

Not quite the same amount, but close. Zoom out a bit and you’ll have:

This gives me in-pipeline list views which I find so helpful for prioritization…

Anyway, that’s what I had in mind when I posted.

Hope this helps,

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Not a fan of the wide cards personally; it’d be nice to have the option to choose which view we see. In my company’s workspace our issue titles are a lot shorter and we use labels primarily. I like to have 3-4 cards per row in my backlog so that I don’t need to scroll vertically to see everything in our current milestone. The narrower cards on the 1.0 view are easily readable for our workspace; the 2.0 view is very jarring based on what I’ve gotten used to over years, and I’ve long praised the 1.0 layout as being superior to other Kanban boards I’ve seen, such as those in Notion, for the ability to see multiple cards per pipeline row. I feel like having the option to keep the original card width would ease the transition from 1.0 to 2.0.


For a visual reference, here’s how my workspace looks in the old layout vs. the new layout. My monitors are 1920x1080 so vertical space is at a premium compared to horizontal space, thus I prefer a wide pipeline to view as much info as possible. You can see that I’m easily getting 12 full issue cards on screen at a time, with the issue titles of 4 more visible without scrolling.

Now compare it to the new layout. I’ve blurred the issue titles but titles are as long as the text blocks are. There’s a lot of empty space that’s going unused, and I’m only able to see 5 full issue cards, with the title of the 6th visible without scrolling. The problem is, if I make the pipeline wider it doesn’t matter anymore since it’ll just increase the whitespace on the right without showing me anything more. I might as well keep everything the default width if I’m going to be scrolling either way.

That said, I do hope y’all look into an option we can turn on to keep the narrow cards. For our use case it can’t be overstated how useful they are!


The wider cards is a huge problem for our workflows. Every week we review upcoming issues for the week, and these typically run into the 15 to 20 issue range. In the narrow layout, I see all of them, but with the wide layout, we can only see nine. In fact, even in your screenshot this problem is evident - you can only see all the card you’re seeing if you also hide all the labels. Hiding the labels is not a viable solution for us, as they heavily impact the meaning and organization of the issues.

Can we please have this (already existing) functionality back in the new board, even if it’s just a visual (you can look but can’t move) option?


As @zshall mentioned, there is so much potential unused whitespace with this new design.

@George.from.Zenhub, the condensed view in your example does not include vital information (sprint and label text for example). Also not sure what’s the point of including the example with “zooming out a bit”, if I zoom out on the 1.* version I get to see more cards too.

I’m not doubting that some others would find the new view helpful for prioritization, but it would be a huge disappointment if you don’t add a toggle that lets the user choose between these two views. None of the members in my team seem to like the wide cards view. Personally I would not choose to use ZenHub in the future if wide cards is the only way. It sounds dramatic but a call like this reflects a lot on your design choices and decision making.


Definitely not satisfied with this wide view and selling it as “better” is aggravating. I convinced an entire team to make the switch to Zenhub largely on the card expand/collapse multi-column visibility and then whoop - an upgrade and its gone.

Now considering staying with JIRA since we’ve just moved our tickets to zenhub and the inability to see more cards in a Backlog for better sorting with the attributes still visible is infuriating. I’m not even sure how that’s not a user preference option, especially since it existed in the legacy version.

Disappointed and unimpressed.


I just wanted to add my 2 cents here, not sure if it’ll matter. But I also wanted to express my disappointment in the wide cards and removing the feature to have multiple cards per row. I really hope that Zenhub brings it back because it does greatly impact my team’s experience (and efficiency) of navigating the workspaces especially when we have a lot of issues on the board. All the reasons that others have mentioned in this thread of why it’s better than the wide cards is all that I agree with. There is not even one person on my team who likes the wide cards…

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Hey everyone,

I just posted an update here:


Wanted to thank all y’all for bringing the original cards back! I’ve upgraded to the 2.0 view and everything is working very well. Quite satisfied!


Thank you! Happy we could make it available (again!)