Board 2.0 Feature Updates

Hey ZenHub Community!

I wanted to share a quick update around Board 2.0 and some of the features the team has added over the last few weeks. We launched the Board 2.0 Beta a couple months ago and have been reading through user feedback ever since to prioritize the next features for Board 2.0. The team has spent the last couple months hard at work to deliver some of the most requested features for Board 2.0. Before diving into this post, if you want to learn more about the overall Board 2.0 beta please feel free to take a quick look at the community post for the launch.

With that being said let’s jump right in to the new feature releases:

Multi-Select and Bulk Editing

We’ve added multi-select and bulk editing actions to Board 2.0 allowing our users to easily modify multiple tickets at once. Multi-select was our most requested Board 2.0 feature and we are excited to announce that while we were building the feature we were able to also improve upon the original implementation by enabling multi-select for issues in the Closed pipeline.

Condensed View for Board 2.0

Condensed View is our first net new feature for Board 2.0 and we’ve been really excited to share it with our users. Condensed View is an alternate board view that abstracts the majority of ticket information in favour of a cleaner, more compact board view that allows you to see more tickets across the board. Condensed View can be enabled by going to board settings in Board 2.0 and toggling the switch for Condensed View’

Board Settings and Filter Updates

We’re continuing to make improvements to the settings and filter feature set offered in Board 2.0. We’ve recently added the following features:

  • Filter by Epic Issues on Epic Card
  • Toggle Show Labels on issues cards
  • Toggle Show Closed Pipeline on Board

With the addition of the features above we’re looking forward to continue hearing your feedback about Board 2.0 and would like to encourage everyone to give it a try, even if you’ve opt-ed out before.


Great update! I really wanted to like the condensed view, but losing the shortcut for “Filter by Epic Issues” is a dealbreaker for me :frowning:


Hey Sebmono!

Thanks for the positive feedback and your thoughts about Condensed View. With this view we wanted to create a cleaner, less cluttered view of the board and unfortunately the ‘Filter by Epic Issues’ didn’t make the cut this time. We plan to continue updating the Condensed View in the future and will consider other ways to add utility, including adding this filter.

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At this point you have enough parity that I’ve opted in across all my boards to 2.0. I definitely like it more than 1.0 hands down. I too use the filter by epic issues a lot, but I understand and appreciate the desire for condensed to actually be condensed. Maybe the toggle for condensed could be less buried, or a smaller affordance on the epic card could be figured out.

Another thing I don’t see myself using is the labels on condensed in its current form. It expands the cards too much for the value it adds since it takes a hover interaction. Or maybe smarter people than me can remember the color coding for all their labels :slight_smile: As it stands I basically jam it to off.

Thanks and kudos on all the hard work on 2.0, its great!


Hey @Shawn thanks for the positive sentiment, we’re really glad to hear that you’ve been using Board 2.0. for all of your workspaces and that it’s been a positive experience compared to Board 1.0.

With Condensed View, we wanted to find a balance between the right amount of auxiliary data on cards(i.e. labels, estimates etc) and card sizing. At the same time we wanted to allow users to have the flexibility to customize the board to a view that suits them best via Board Settings to show/hide specific data.

Thanks for the feedback around the toggle placement and seconding the importance of the Filter by Epic issues.

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We are using the board during our daily scrum. Doing that we wish to filter the board per user as they present their day. To day that is a lot of clicking! and you also move users around in the dropdown as they are selected, total confusion.

I request a quick-filter feature, where we can select the users for our scrum.
Then get get an avatar for each user. As we click each avatar the board should filter to show issues assigned to that user. This way we get on overview who are on the scrum and we can quickly cycle through each user’s issues.

Looking forward to your feedback on this one…


Hey @jasell thank you for your insight into your team’s daily scrum process! One question: would you describe a “quick-filter” feature to select a group of users similar to the experience of requesting votes for planning poker? (see image attached)

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 2 31 05 PM

I’m very happy to read this because we are currently working on an experience for the board that would easily allow you to do what you are asking for, and more! I will share this feedback with the team and reach out to you with an invitation to a usability test (if you are interested). We always appreciate your input!

In our daily stand up we go user by user, so only one at a time.
We have many user with access to the repo, so we need to select some user to place on the quick filter. these could be predefined in group or selected on the fly.
But the filter needs to be applied one user at a time. As you click a new Avatar the previous filter should be unset, might might consider to support multi-select using ctrl/shift-click.
It could look something like this…

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If you’d like to ask any other questions about Board 2.0, please join us today at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET.

Our Senior Technical Product Manager Joseph Totera aka @Joseph.from.ZenHub will be there to answer all your questions!

Register here: ZenHub Product AMA - Board 2.0

See you then :slight_smile: