Linking pull request shows up both linked and not linked

When linking a pull request to a ticket in zenhub, it shows up linked but also separately unlinked. I’d like to only see it linked and not separate - does anyone know why this is?

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Hey Algochai,

Thanks for sharing this question. This was done to provide a more consistent search and filtering experience. There are use cases where only a PR connected to an issue would match the filter criteria, but not the issue itself and vice-versa.

In turn, this would create a case the issue with the connected PR would not be displayed on the board even though the issue or PR matched the filter criteria.

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I’ve got the same question / problem. Displaying the same PR twice is annoying as it clutters the board and it feels like there’s way more tickets than there actually are.

Would it be possible to hide these separate PRs, but if a connected PR matches the filter criteria then show it inside the issue it’s connected to?

Hey Szymon.nowak,

Thanks for the feedback and feature suggestion. We don’t have the ability today for you to hide only the separate PRs.

This is a pretty bad regression from v1 behavior.
I am not sure how you can say it is a feature. Might as well show tickets twice as well if they match the search criteria two different ways. Why even stop at twice?