External dependency as blocker/blocked

Has there been a change to being able to specify external dependencies?

Previously could use a @RepoName code to give you access to an external repo’s issues. We would use this to keep an eye on Product development issues for the purpose of knowing when to kick off documentation-related launch tasks.

But today does not seem to be operating? And the blank field “hint” text that you could see before (and as seen in the Create Github Issue Dependencies help article) is also not there now?

I would add a screenshot, but… you know… :unamused:

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Hi Justin,

Thanks for your message! I’ve upgraded your community member status, so you should be able to add a screenshot now. Let me know if you’re having any issues with it! We just limit this for new users to prevent spam.

Our team should get back to you shortly!

I have been ushered into the inner-sanctum thanks to Jess.
Here’s the screenshot where the help text seems to have had the @repo/issue removed.

Am I missing some new settingor Repo permission at my end?

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Hi Justin,

External dependencies are still available, but the help text has been removed since very few people were using that feature. If you enter @orgname/reponame query and you have write permissions on that repository, you should see the matching open issues appear in the dropdown. Hope that helps!


Yes! you are exactly right, I butchered the link code cause I have always used the help text. :crazy_face: