Working around the Closed pipeline

Hey folks, I’m trying to understand the intended workflow for managing a board in which a Github issue becomes ready for testing and ultimately shipped. Our existing workflow with GH’s project board is to move an issue into the “In progress” column, create a PR that’s linked to the issue, and then when the PR is merged, the GH issue is automatically closed. The GH project board auto-advances it to another column where it’s ready to be tested.

In Zenhub, when an issue is auto-closed it goes straight to the Closed pipeline and cannot be changed. AFAIK there is no way to change the GH behavior that when a PR is merged, the linked issue is closed (I found an open feature request in the GH community).

When I asked Zenhub support about this, they said: “When a Github issue is closed, it will reflected as such in Zenhub in the Closed pipeline. If you wish to move it to a different pipeline, please reopen the Github issue.”

That’s obviously not ideal, and while I wait for more clarification, I wanted to post something here and get some other input.

So my question is: what is everyone else doing here in Zenhub? Are you no longer linking PRs to GH issues? Or re-opening every closed GH issue to move it around in the pipeline? Or creating separate Zenhub issues for QA tasks? Or doing something else magical that I haven’t discovered yet?