Moving issues to a new pipeline with connected PR is merged

Hi there,

We connect our PRs to issues using github keyword tracking. Then the PRs get reviewed and merged into master and our CI/CD pipeline picks them up and deploys them to staging to be QAd by our QA team.

Unfortunately, when we do that, Github closes the issue and we have to drag it from closed back into the QA pipeline in Zenhub to reopen it.

I’d like a way to tell Zenhub that when I merge a PR into master, all connected issues should be moved into the QA pipeline. Is that possible? If not, is it something you’d consider putting on the roadmap?


Hey Tabel!

Thanks for sharing your feedback and this use case. Unfortunately this isn’t something that we support today, but it’s something we can evaluate and figure out if there is a good fit to add it to our roadmap. We often get feedback from users around wanting more automated control around pipelines and issue movements based on triggers in both Zenhub and Github.

When you merge your branch into the master/main branch you are essentially finished with the local/developer branch and in most cases it is deleted at that point. If you need to add a QA branch in between the developer branch and the main/master branch then that may be a better approach for you.