Request: wysiwyg editor


Our team has recently moved from Jira to ZenHub.

One of the biggest frustrations for our team is the need to write issues in markdown formatting and then switch to a preview tab to see what will be rendered. This is very cumbersome and has led to some resentment of Zenhub as a result.

Looking forward to hearing from the ZenHub team about this issue.


George from Zenhub here. Since we got our start in the GitHub universe, we’ve stuck to certain common GitHub patterns (but routinely diverge to innovate). I don’t have anything on our near-term roadmap to share on this front, but we’re always looking for ways we can improve the experience for our users. We’ve passed this along to the team. Thank you for sharing it…

Hi George. Thanks for replying to this thread.

We’ve found a chrome extension that enables CKeditor to replace the default GitHub textarea for issue creation - it does not work on ZenHub domains. Perhaps this type of solution is something that ZenHub might consider adding to their browser extension.

We have also explored working with YAML Issue Templates to reduce some of the cognitive load for the issue creator. However, we noticed that these YAML issue templates are not supported by ZenHub. This would in part help with my team’s formatting frustrations.