Modify recurring sprints link greyed out

We number and name our sprints and use the big green + button in the upper left, then click on Modify recurring sprints to edit the sprint labels. That link is now greyed out. Why? How can we enable it again? Thanks for help!


We are having the same issue.

I opened a ticket with Zenhub on Feb 8. Haven’t heard back yet , but hopefully soon.

Hi there!

Graeme here from support, I’ve updated the ticket you posted (sorry for the delay!)

A bug has been logged to our eng team and I’ll let you know once we have an update.


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Greetings- any ETA on resolution? I, coincidentally, have a sprint change and need to extend our current and next sprint, and am hoping this may be resolved soon. Thanks in advance!

Found out today that the “Modifying recurring sprints” link works on Microsoft Edge on Windows. I downloaded Edge on my MacBookPro, had to login to Zenhub separately, saw my board, but still don’t have the “Modify recurring sprints” link. At least one of my team members could update the sprints.

Note that I use both Chrome and Firefox to access github/zenhub and the link doesn’t work with either, at least on MacOS. Adding Edge to that list for MacOs.

Tried Microsoft Edge on Windows and the “Modifying recurring sprints” is still grayed out for me as it is in other browsers.