Board reset - sprints lost?

We are using Zenhub in our high school digital technology classes. Up till now it’s been working fine, however today when we logged in, boards were reset and sprints have been lost.

All issues that were created are still there, but have been moved to the ‘new issues’ column.

This has happened to multiple students in the class, but doesn’t seem to impact those who created their accounts on Zenhub in previous years.

Does anyone have info on what may have caused this, and if there is any way to reinstate what we had previously?


Thank you for brining this to our attention.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues loading your Workspace. Can I ask you a few more questions while we investigate this further on our end.

  1. Are you unable to load your Workspace using both the ZenHub extension and the web app (

  2. Can you please confirm that you can access the repos within the Workspace in GitHub independent of using ZenHub?

  3. Can you please provide me with a screenshot of the console errors/ failed network tab requests occurring for you? You can find more information on gathering this here: Troubleshooting in ZenHub

  4. Can you also confirm your

  • GitHub username
  • provide me with a link to the Workspace
  • Confirm GitHub org name
  • Workspace ID

If preferred, feel free to send this additional information to us via and we’d be more than happy to help figure out why this is happening.

We appreciate your patience while we look into this further.


Olivia from Zenhub

Hi Olivia,

Thanks for your response. I have asked the students who were impacted to email the support address. They will share their account details there.

They all seem to be experiencing the same issue - they can access their workspace in both Github and using the extension. However, their tasks have been moved to the ‘new issues’ tab, and the sprints that were set up have disappeared.

The will email the support account shortly. Thanks!