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Accessing Sprints from GitHub / synchronizing with GitHub Milestones

Our team finds it unfortunate that Milestones support is being deprecated. It was very convenient to be able to access issues assignment both from GitHub and ZenHub. Now, it appears to be impossible to understand Sprint definition from GitHub.

Did anyone figure out a workaround to sync the content of ZenHub Sprint to a GitHub Milestone? I am thinking it should be possible to have a script that goes over the content of a Sprint using ZenHub API, and then assigns the Milestone with the same name using GitHub API.

Today we discovered that when we look at the closed issues in the past sprint, clicking “Load more issues…” at the bottom of the list does not change the content of the list, and does not disappear after being clicked. And unfortunately, there is no way to check in GitHub interface whether what is shown in ZenHub is correct or or not.

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