Issue labels don't work on Mac Safari

Hi there,

I have been trying out ZenHub over the last few days and one of the frustrating bugs I keep running into is not being able to add a label to an issue.

I have labels setup at the GitHub repo and they are showing in zenhub, but this is what happens every time:

  1. create new issue in zenhub
  2. click labels nav
  3. select one of the pre-defined labels
  4. close the nav
  5. get this error pop-up: “There was an error processing your request”

I’d love to be able to continue using this product but without labels it’s impossible :confused:

Any ideas please?

Mac OS12.3 (beta), Safari 15.4

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I can’t edit my original post for some reason, so just to add… I’m using boards 2.0, beta


I haven’t been able to reproduce this with Mac OS 12.2 with Safari 15.3 - I don’t have access to the 12.3 beta at this point. Do you see the same issue in Chrome?

Can you verify that you have write access to the repository you’re testing ZenHub with? Adding labels require write access…

Let us know,

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