Introducing Smart Pipelines: Issue Metadata Automation, Flag Stale Issues, WIP Limits

We’re excited to announce the release of Smart Pipelines, a new set of features for the board that help users to automate ticket and metadata management on the board. To get started with this feature, head on over to your board and click on the name of a pipeline.

Smart Pipelines includes the following features:

Issue Metadata Automation

  • Users can build automations on the board, per pipeline, to have Sprints, Epics, Labels and Assignees automatically added or removed from an issue when it enters or leaves a pipeline
  • Users can configure multiple automations per pipeline and can multi-select metadata items to be applied as part of each automation
  • Users can mix and match automations across multiple metadata types within the same pipeline

Flag Stale Issues

  • Users can now configure a rule to apply a creative treatment to an issue that has been in a pipeline longer then a set number of days
  • Users can configure the creative treatment applied to the issue including the colour and icon used to identify a stale issue
  • Stale issues also display the number of days an issue has been in a given pipeline

WIP Limits

  • WIP limits were previously launched and allow a user to set a soft limit for the number of issues in a given pipeline

We’re looking forward to hearing how your team uses Smart Pipelines and your feedback around the feature!

Hi there,
Love the new “stale” issue feature! Thank you for implementing it, I believe it was a feature request from my team.

I was wondering, would it be possible to not include weekends as part of “stale” days? For example, it seems like a 3-day old issue that had been in the pipeline from Fri-Mon would be currently be considered “stale” but it’s not a true 3 working days b/c of the weekend.

Thank you

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Hey @emperorliu,

I’m glad your team is enjoying the flag stale issues feature and using it in your workflows. Thanks for the feedback around not including weekends as part of ‘stale’ day counts. I will share this feedback with the team and we’ll add it to our backlog as a feature request.