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How do you manage support requests?

Does anyone have a good system from managing support requests? Most of our requests are generated internally right now (meaning, from our sales team or support team), but eventually this will come from customers as well. I’m thinking of some sort of form submission that would automatically create tickets in Zenhub, preferably labeled “support” or differentiated in some way.

How are you all dealing with this right now? Have you created an automated flow that works for you? Looking for suggestions.


We use a combo of FreshDesk and ZenHub at ZenHub.

  • emails sent to support@zenhub.com land in the shared inbox that FreshDesk provides
  • most tickets are managed directly in FreshDesk without needing to escalate to the team
  • when we do have to escalate to the team (e.g. a bug report), FreshDesk has GitHub integration that allows you to link a FreshDesk ticket to a GitHub issue.
  • FreshDesk syncs the back and forth in the ticket into the GitHub issue, so our developers don’t have to leave ZenHub

It is possible to create a GitHub issue right from FreshDesk but it skips GH Issue templates so we create the Issue directly (with our preferred template) then link it in FD.

It works well for us…

(FreshDesk also powers our online help center and allows us to spin up/down articles on the fly)