Filter by Reviewer Requested

In the Zenhub tab, would be great to be able to filter PRs by Reviewer Requested.

Hey @Tommy welcome to the Zenhub Community!

Thanks for the product feedback and feature suggestion. I’d be great to hear a bit more about how you and your team would use a feature like this or any use cases you have in mind.

Sure! My team requires at least one other person to review a PR before it’s merged. When someone assigns me as a reviewer on their PR, I don’t see it on my ZenHub dashboard, so it can get lost pretty easily. I have to manually go to the “Pull requests” tab and use the review-requested:username filter every time. Would be more convenient if it was a ZenHub filter, so I can have the URL bookmarked on my browser.

Thanks for sharing your use case Tommy, I’ll pass this along to the broader product team for consideration.

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