Are statuses accessible via the API?

Hi Zenhub Community
When a user changes a github issue status, is the metadata accessible via API?
via the zenhub api?
via the github api?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Anya! By status, do you mean, which pipeline the issue is in? If so, we totally have those endpoints in our API documentation: GitHub - ZenHubIO/API: Learn how to use ZenHub's API.

Hi Julie,
I am curious to know about issues which are open, in progress, or closed.
Which API endpoint should I use?

The doc you linked above mentions “status” but I don’t see a “status” api endpoint.

From the doc:
“The ZenHub API does not consider the “Closed” Pipeline to be a distinct Pipeline at this time and you should not use the Pipeline value to determine whether or not an issue is closed or open (use status instead).”

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