ZehHub plugin for Firefox stopped working

Used to work two days ago. All the additional controls on the PR and issue pages on GitHub are gone. Even the “Log into ZenHub” button is gone. Disabled ad-blockers (uBlock origin and pi.hole), no change. Plugin for Chromium on same machine works.

Plugin version: 3.3.47
Firefox version: 98.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.21.10.1 (installed with apt, not snap)

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Looks like something got pushed out last night that broke our plugin.

You should still be able to go to the ZenHub tab and open Issues from the board. Additionally, you can log into our web app at: https://app.zenhub.com

Team is investigating…

We’ve released updated Firefox Plugin & submitted a new Chrome Extension to the Chrome Store - waiting on Google to review and publish it. Grab the new Firefox plugin at https://zenhub.com/extension - Chrome users use https://app.zenhub.com for now…

Our updated extension that fixes the recent sidebar issue is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Firefox update is available as well. If you don’t want to wait for Chrome or Firefox to auto-update, you can force an update by removing it and reinstalling from ZenHub Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox

Confirmed fixed in version 3.3.49 of the Firefox plugin. Thank you!