Browser plugin not working properly


For the last few days I’ve noticed my browser plugin isn’t working correctly - it seems unable to sign in.

I’m otherwise signed into both ZH and GH correctly. I see the ZH tab on GH, but when I click it, it just turns to a “Loading” message. If I click “sign in to use ZenHub” at the bottom right, the message greys out but nothing happens - and if I try the same in the extension UI itself, the text changes to “Signing in” but nothing happens.

I’m using Chrome 104.0.5112.101 on Ubuntu Linux 18.04LTS, extension version 3.4.18.


Hey Dan!

Is this happening for you in the web app as well?

Could you try logging into and clicking “Continue with Github”?

If you want to pop us an email at I can gather some additional details from you and investigate this further.


Hi Graeme - I’m logged into the web app fine. I’ll email support.