Workspace Migration


Bit of a weird issue here.
I started a trial for my company using my work email. The trial went great so we decided to move ahead and start a paid plan. So our company used another “company” email address to do so.

However, the workspace we just finished a sprint on is associated with my account and not our company itself. I’m not sure how to move the workspace, the planning we spent time putting together etc to the new account. I’m worried this isn’t even possible :confused:

Also, my email was added as a user/license to the new company account however when I log in I don’t see a way to view the “company” account. I just see the info regarding the initial trial account.

Is there any way to iron this out and migrate the workspace data as needed.
I blame myself for this. It makes me sad.

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Hey Nextrics,

First off, don’t be sad, we’ll get this sorted for you!

Would you mind popping an email over to with some basic information (GitHub username & Org, Zenhub username & Org) so we can look into migrating the workspaces for you?


You guys are the best!


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Wahoo! Official welcome to Zenhub. Glad you’re sticking around! :smiling_face: