Workflows across multiple repos

We’ve been trying to set up workflows across 9 boards. The issue is that if we have all repos attached to all boards issues show up on all of them. We’ve got a common repository on each of the boards, but when we move issues into the pipelines that are associated with a pipeline on another of the boards it does not show up. I’ve tried filtering by label and adding the additional repo, but that doesn’t seem to trigger the workflow either. At one point it appeared to work, but now does not appear to do so.

We’ve read all of the information available and watched the videos and it looked like this would work if the boards had one common repo, but is that not the case? If not, how do we limit the issues popping into other boards to only those in select pipelines? We’d love to use this functionality, but we’ve hit a brick wall in trying to get it to work.


  • The support team creates an issue on the support board for a user problem.
  • Initial investigation shows this to be a bug
  • Support moves the issue into the “For development” pipeline that should then feed to the “Urgent” pipeline on the development board. They have a common repo - “team.”
  • The issue fails to appear in the development board.

We’ve tried adding the repo and using labels as well. We added the “support” repo to the development board and tried to use labels to filter the issues that appear from support on the development board. No issues from the support board appear on the development board regardless of label.

Do the pipelines have to share a name? Are we misunderstanding how workflows are supposed to work? Anyone have any insight? Thanks.

Hey @bjr70, thanks for providing all the details, I’ll try my best to answer!

Firstly, workflows allow you to synchronize the pipeline state of an issue across multiple boards. However, for this synchronization to happen, the issue must exist in all the boards involved, which is why a common repository is required.

In the example provided, we have the following setup:

  • Two workspaces: Workspace 1 and Workspace 2
  • Three repositories: Team, Support, and Frontend


To establish a connection between the two workspaces, we will have the “Team” repo in common. Once the connection is established, we can set up automation from the “For development” pipeline in Workspace 1 to feed into the “Urgent” pipeline in Workspace 2.

However, it’s important to note that this synchronization will only work if the issue is created in the “Team” repo. If the issue is created in the “Support” or “Frontend” repositories, it will only appear in the respective repository and therefore will not be added to the other workspace.

If this isn’t the case, and it’s the issues in the “Team” repo that aren’t appearing, let me know and we can investigate further!

We separated support from development to try to correct the problem of issues getting lost due to the volume in the one board and to protect any user PII in the support issues (support is a private repo, development is public). I do see that we can use labels to try to limit the issues visible on the boards, but that doesn’t help us when it comes to the private vs public repos.

It sounds like there’s a few moving parts to this! Feel free to reach out to support@zenhub and we can arrange a call to figure out a solution.