Vote on Tickets

Is there a way to vote on tickets? For example, let’s say we have a large backlog and we hold a meeting where we decide what to implement next. It would be great if participants in the meeting can vote on the issues they feel most strongly about. We can then sort that column by the number of votes.

Hi Daniel! :wave:
I’ve seen some teams do a combination of things to achieve this.
In GitHub, some teams leverage the :+1: / :-1: as a “voting” system, but inside ZenHub (and I thought this was pretty neat) they utilized the planning poker feature. For prioritization voting, 1 is top, 2 is middle, and 3 is non-urgent. Once that is aligned, they multi-select the issues and clear the estimateds, and then run planning poker again for effort. They use labels / pipelines to help distinguish.
You can widen the pipelines and see all the “1s” and drag and drop to tweak the prioritization in the pipeline.


I can also submit this as a feature request too! :slight_smile:


@Julie.from.ZenHub your suggestion for using the planning poker is a good workaround. It will use that for now. However, it would be nice to have them separate as it may be interesting to get some metrics related to “How much effort was needed to implement the most sought-after features” (it is 20:80 effort:reward? Or more like 50:50?). So thank you for submitting the feature request.

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