Feature request: Sort Pipeline by Point Estimate

I would love the option to sort issues in a pipeline by the size of point estimate. This allows me to quickly assess what are the ‘biggest’/‘smallest’ things we have queued left to work on (to help in decision making on either adding issues to sprints or picking things out of a backlog when part of the team has some downtime) as well as provide options for alternative ways of leveraging point estimate functionality.

That last point is definitely likely to be a “me thing” :slight_smile: but is one I’ve found myself reaching for. My current workflow is as follows:

  1. We use google forms to collect customer feedback (and feature requests) relayed by our Sales, CS, and Support teams and those form responses get automatically turned into github issues with appropriate labels and information.
  2. In order to measure/track both the level of customer interest in a thing, based directly on the number of times a customer has asked for a thing, and how important a thing is to each of our internal cross-functional teams, based on their expressed ranking/votes, I use point estimates as a proxy to establish an overall level of interest in and perceived value of each thing.
  3. I maintain a pipeline of all this feedback and manually keep it sorted based on the above value estimate so we can easily assess what feedback would be most valuable to focus on.

This is at the product management level of ‘deciding what to work on’ rather than the agile project management level of operation, but having ways to more easily execute this workflow would increase the value-add of ZH. Maybe sorting by point value explicitly isn’t the best way to go about it, but the core paint point I’m looking to be addressed is “being able to sort issues & epics based on an assigned ordinal value”.

Thanks in advance for your considerations!

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