ZH Epic changes

Epics will no longer live inside of pipelines, alongside issues.
I’ve got to say that this a pretty big and disruptive change, both in terms of losing the ability to plan with Epics alongside their issues (which is a core part of our process) and losing the ability to use the easy ‘filter by epic’ button to quickly switch scope of what issues I am focused on.

Honestly this seems like an across the board downgrade - losing ability to view and work with epics alongside issues, losing comments on epics (which I find valuable, especially when turning an issue into an epic or using the epic to capture research and takeaways from the issues within), and sounds like also losing the ability to nest epics in exchange for…a list view and not needing github licenses to see epics? It sounds like Epics were just completely canned and roadmap “Projects” are being recycled as a replacement. Roadmap projects are useful as a way to craft a roadmap that can be shared to stakeholders without github licenses, but what’s the point of doing this to epics as well? I’m confused by the why here and what user needs are being solved for here, and honestly a little frustrated by how this may upend how our team uses the product.

Also can I not edit my posts here? Wanted to correct the markdown typo at the topic but can’t see an option for it?

I noticed the announcement did not specify when this is rolling out. One of our biggest limitations we are facing with ZenHub is getting stakeholder involvement. Would love to give this a run and see how well this works from a SRUM Master workflow perspective, considering @Sebmono’s concerns. If a SM has to toggle between multiple views to get their work done, it might be problematic, but would love to run this through its paces before coming to a conclusion. :slight_smile:

Totally agreed on the stakeholder involvement front! I loved the additions to the Roadmap (shareable to non-ZH/GH users, descriptions for the project objects, manual re-ordering of items on the roadmap) and would love to see more in that direction (like a better way to visualize sequencing and dependencies of issues and any branching relationships). It’s the cheese moving involved with taking away Epic functionality that I’ve come to rely on and have trained my teams on that hurts :frowning:

@Laura.From.ZenHub in the article it says: “Nested epics - Teams can use projects on the roadmap to create hierarchy, although existing nested relationships will be preserved.”

Does that mean epics can be nested in epics or only gathered in projects? I would really like the ability to nest epics within epics.

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