Access to new Zenhub Epic restructure

Would love to have this feature enabled as it looks more like how we’d like to use Epics. The original post said late August, I believe, but perhaps this is not quite available yet? How is early access achievable?

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Hey there, I’m so glad this feature sounds like it will work for you! We’re making a few last minute additions to the epic list view (such as sorting and filtering) so the feature should be ready as soon as those are complete. Although there’s no early access, the features is planned to be released within the next two weeks.

Thank you for the reply. Eagerly awaiting the feature.

Hello! Eagerly waiting the new Epic board, any updates on the release date?

Our product operations and public-facing website are driven by Zenhub+Github, so we’re very eager to get ahead of these changes if at all possible. Outside this 7/27/22 post, is there anywhere I can get more information about the mechanics of this restructure so I can prepare my team?

Somewhat off-topic, but that public facing site is incredible.

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Hey Amenity!

Sorry for the delay in posting.

We are continuously migrating accounts to our new Epics, but focusing on small batches.

Given that you and your team rely heavily on Issue-based Epics and the REST API, we’ll make sure you are on the tail end of the migration.

Zenhub Epics can be accessed from the newer GraphQL API. Details are available at

Hope this helps…

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Super, thanks George!

Does the fact that we can no longer see epics on Github issues mean that our team was migrated to new Epics? :upside_down_face:

Where can I find documentation on the new workflow?

Hey Amenity!

I’ll validate with the team, but I don’t believe you were migrated to new Epics yet. Can you verify if this is happening in the web app in addition to the extension or just the extension?

Let’s start a support thread - email with a reference to this post…

Quick follow up, we’ve been able to reproduce this, team is investigating. Until we have an update, you can use our web app ( ) which continues to work as expected.

Thanks, George. I didn’t have time to send over screenshots last night but everyone on the team is seeing it across browsers+OSs.